Congress may vote “No” on Syrian attack..Pope says “No”..

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Congress may vote “No” on Syrian attack..Pope says “No”..

Unread post by Paul Kemp » Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:03 am

Congress may vote “No” on Syrian attack..
Pope says “No”..US gives up on UN..Russia:
Britain a “small island nobody cares about”

While President Barack Obama attempts to drum up support overseas for a potential strike against Syria, lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives appear not all that likely to authorize the use of military force.

Obama is currently meeting with international leaders in Russia at the annual G-20 meeting, where he is reportedly lobbying foreign representatives to rally behind a US-led strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad. As American politicians prepare to vote on whether or not they should authorize such an attack, however, Obama’s cause is quickly losing support in Congress.

According to analysis conducted Think Progress, lawmakers in the House are leaning towards a “no” vote with regards to approving a strike against Assad to retaliate against his alleged use of chemical weapons on Syrian civilian last month outside of Damascus.

Compared to earlier in the week, lawmakers in the House are now more likely to vote against authorizing a strike. The website reported Thursday morning that 199 US representatives are expected to shut-down any strike against Syria, with 49 lawmakers in the House looking towards voting yes.

Think Progress says their latest research reveals a drastic change that has occurred literally overnight. According to their reporters, 30 new lawmakers are now likely to vote against a strike, while the group of those expected to approve military action has only accumulated three new representatives since the previous day.

The latest figures posted by Think Progress were updated Thursday morning, only hours after lawmakers in both the House and Senate discussed what action, if any, should be taken to reprimand Assad’s regime.

Pope Francis called on world leaders attending the G20 summit in Russia to seek peace in Syria through diplomatic means and to lay aside the “futile pursuit” of a military solution.

In a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is hosting the G20 summit, Francis said that lopsided global interests have blocked a diplomatic course in the Syrian conflict and have led to the “senseless massacre” of innocent people.

“To the leaders present, to each and every one, I make a heartfelt appeal for them to help find ways to overcome the conflicting positions and to lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution,” Francis wrote.

The letter follows an announcement earlier this week that the Vatican will host a vigil for peace in Syria in St. Peter’s Square on Saturday.

The Vatican outlined Thursday its position on Syria to ambassadors accredited to the Holy See.

“Confronted with similar acts one cannot remain silent, and the Holy See hopes that the competent institutions make clear what happened and that those responsible face justice,” the Vatican’s Foreign Minister, Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, told the 71 ambassadors regarding the chemical weapons attack that took place outside Damascus on August 21. The US and its allies believe the attack was launched by the Syrian government.

Mamberti said the main priority was to stop the violence which he said is risking the involvement of other countries and creating “unforeseeable consequences in various parts of the world.”

He did not mention possible military strikes by the US, but stressed peace in all facets of a potential solution to the violent conflict.

In addition, Mamberti said the Vatican does not want Syria to be split up along ethnic or religious lines, and that Syrian minorities – including Christians – should have basic rights guaranteed, including freedom of religion. ... _ref=world

The United States declared on Thursday that it has given up trying to work with the U.N. Security Council on Syria, accusing Russia of holding the council hostage and allowing Moscow’s allies in Syria to deploy poison gas against innocent children.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power’s remarks left no doubt that Washington would not seek U.N. approval for a military strike on Syria in response to an Aug. 21 chemical attack near Damascus. She said a draft resolution Britain submitted to the five permanent council members last week calling for a response to that attack was effectively dead.

“I was present in the meeting where the UK laid down the resolution, and everything in that meeting, in word and in body language, suggests that that resolution has no prospect of being adopted, by Russia in particular,” Power told reporters.

“Our considered view, after months of efforts on chemical weapons and after 2-1/2 years of efforts on Geneva (peace talks), the humanitarian situation is that there is no viable path forward in this Security Council,” she said. ... g20-summit

Russia has dismissed Britain as ‘a small island that nobody listens to’ at the G20 summit of world leaders. A spokesman for host President Vladimir Putin, Syria’s big ally, tried to dismiss the UK saying that Britain is a small island – nobody pays any attention to them apart from the Russian oligarchs who have bought up Chelsea.

The extraordinary slur came at the meeting in St Petersburg while world leaders were discussing over Syria gas attacks.

According to the Mirror, Russia’s remarks were clearly aimed at deflating the importance of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s backing for America’s proposed air strikes against Bashar al-Assad regime. Cameron was left furious over Russia’s remarks and claimed he had fresh evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria. But America was the major target of Russia’s anger.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was branded a ‘liar’ who misled his own Congress to get a vote in favour of bombing Syria. Putin also said he has doubts over US claims about having evidence the Assad regime was responsible for the gas attack on August 21, the report added.

we can only hope they vote no and maybe cause a stopping of this madness..the Pope says no..the UN says no..the EU says no..the people of america say no..but they will still do what they want..they arent a democracy..they are a technocracy..and vlad just owned cameron..badly..

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