Canadians ‘fall for justification for war’

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Canadians ‘fall for justification for war’

Unread post by Paul Kemp » Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:05 pm

Canadians ‘fall for justification for war’

The gullible Canadians who believe the recent 'terror' incidents in Ottawa and Quebec are a de facto justification for our country's participation in the anti-ISIL coalition in Iraq and Syria aren't aware of the Machiavellian geopolitical maneuverings that gave birth to ISIL in the first place.

America and its puppets here in Canada are by no means serious about their pledges to defeat ISIL. How can a government - the US - which has funded, armed and trained ISIL and ISIL-affiliated fighters in Syria and Libya seriously claim to now be at odds with their own proxies and mercenaries?

It is a charade, a ruse calculated to provide Obama a pretext to invade Syria and oust Bashar al-Assad. The target is Assad, not ISIL. From the outset, Obama has supported the ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra “rebels” attempting to vanquish the Syrian government, and he continues to do so. Most of these “rebels” are not even Syrians. They are, for the most part, sadistic murder-for-hire thugs in the employ of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

We should be very careful not to rush to judgments about the recent events in Ottawa and Quebec. They come at just the right moment to legitimize Harper’s pathetic decision to join America’s bogus crusade against ISIL in Iraq. Perhaps, Harper organized these attacks himself for that very purpose? Our intelligence services were well aware of the two alleged perpetrators (were monitoring them for months beforehand) and deliberately stopped one from leaving the country. CSIS and RCMP were also running mock drills mimicking ISIL terror attacks in the weeks preceding the events, yet now foolishly claim they were “unprepared” for such attacks.
We are being led like sheep into a quagmire here. Harper has absolutely no concern for ordinary Canadians, and certainly doesn’t give a damn about anyone over there in the Middle East (except for his beloved Israeli friends). He does what he is told by Washington and Tel Aviv, dutifully reciting the scripts prepared for him by his neocon puppet-masters.

At the very least our own intelligence services had foreknowledge of these attacks and allowed them to take place in order to hoodwink the public into acquiescing to Harper’s militarist agenda. The (likely stage-managed) incidents in Ottawa and Quebec are being cynically used by the Harper regime to snatch our freedoms out from under our feet, hence the “anti-terror” laws that give the secret services carte blanche to spy on us all.

Furthermore, in order for one to justify Canadian involvement in combating "terrorists" halfway across the world, one would have to erroneously presuppose that Canada has some sort of moral high ground when it comes to human rights. This is not the case, despite the deep-seated delusions of many jingoist Canadians.

Canada has been at war with the sovereign country of Afghanistan for the past 14 years and has participated in the murder of many tens of thousands of Afghan civilians hand in hand with the American invaders. Dropping bombs on people is a quintessential act of terrorism. Canada entered the war against Afghanistan based on the still-unproven assumption that Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda perpetrated the 9/11 attacks in the US. For argument’s sake, even if by some miracle, al-Qaeda actually was responsible 9/11, that still wouldn't justify Canadian involvement in the Afghan war anymore than it would justify Canadian involvement in a war against France if a number of French citizens committed a terrorist attack in the US. Unless Canada is directly attacked, she shouldn’t prostitute herself out for other countries’ battles, especially when those battles are predicated on dubious “terror” events like 9/11 that bear all the hallmarks of intelligence psy-ops.

One could just as easily seek to justify Canadian participation in a coalition war against the US based on the fact that Canada's southern neighbour has perpetrated and sponsored terrorism all over the world. Where was Canada when, in 1988, the American Navy vessel, USS Vincennes, belligerently parked itself in Iran's territorial waters and then deliberately shot down an Iranian civilian airliner - Iran Air Flight 655 - killing nearly 300 civilians, including 66 children? Canada was callously silent about that pre-meditated act of state-sponsored slaughter, just as Canada is mute about all of America's infinite atrocities. It seems Canada has no voice to speak when America commits unspeakable wrongs in the world, but when the US finds herself on the receiving end of violence, we do backflips to accommodate their bloodthirsty cravings for revenge.

The ugly truth is that the US is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world and the most aggressive military power since Ghenghis Khan's Mongol armies ran roughshod across Asia and Eastern Europe. So any moralizing on the part of the US and its "allies" is demented hubris of the highest order.

Unsurprisingly, Canada is also deafeningly silent when Israel conducts murderous raids into Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, ritualistically butchering thousands of innocents, including women, children and elderly people. In fact, successive Canadian governments have overtly supported Israel's barbarity against the Palestinians for decades, cheerleading for Zionist militarism as Israeli bombs rain down upon the helpless people of Gaza time and time again.

Where is Canada's "humanism" then? Nowhere to be found.

It should be clear to anyone with half-a-brain that Canadian puppet politicians, like their American and British counterparts, cynically invoke "human rights" to mask the geopolitical and economic ulterior motives that lie behind their destructive foreign policies.

  • Canada's role in the Zionist-led New World Order is akin to that of a lowly workhorse on a slave plantation. We are nothing more than backbenchers and errand-boys for the big wigs in Tel Aviv and Washington who call all of the shots vis-à-vis world affairs. Our yellow-bellied and effeminate leaders continually sacrifice our country's national interests to please the Machiavellian mobsters who sit atop the world's crooked financial system - the Rothschilds and their sordid kith and kin.

If Westerners continue to believe the increasingly audacious lies of their leaders and march blindly ahead into the death-traps they've set for us, then perhaps we deserve slavery after all.


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