Political Sovereignty and True Representative Government

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Political Sovereignty and True Representative Government

Unread post by admin » Thu May 12, 2011 7:54 pm


Please Use this Forum to create Sub Forms to promote the truth postulates on true representative government found in the 5th epochal revelation of God to mankind.

My Political Work is at LINK: http://PaulKemp.info

The 10 Stages or Steps in the evolution of a True Form of Representative Government according to epochal revelations can be found here.
LINK: http://www.machiventa.org/CAP/Thought-G ... ocracy.htm

To hear Jesus speak on Political Sovereignty 2000 years ago follow this LINK: http://www.machiventa.org/CIM/Thought-G ... eignty.mp3 (Please note this file is 12mb and takes several minutes to load but its wisdom is well worth the wait.)

Thank You


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