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Urantia Fellowship Pakistan Treasure of Life Outreach

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Nadia Gill Urantia Group Treasure of Life Outreach Ministry
“If you would share our Creator's joy, you must share his love. And to share his love means that you have shared his service. Such an experience of love does not create a new world, but it does make the old world new.”
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Dear All,
As the government grapples with one of the worst floods in Pakistan’s history, death stalks several villages of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Hundreds of thousands of people there are still waiting for relief 3 months after the calamity left them shelter-less, said survivors and local politicians in telephone interviews with The Express Tribune.
Heavy monsoon downpour and bloated rivers overran swathes of land in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, swamping the districts of Nowshera, Charsadda, Swat and rural Peshawar. Several villages and hamlets have been washed away by the strong current. According to official statistics, around 1,400 people have been killed and close to two million affected by the floods. Charsadda has been the worst hit district. The government administrator says 80 per cent of the local population has been affected. “One million people in Charsadda district have been affected by the flood. And half of them are most vulnerable now,” said Kamran-ur-Rehman Khan, the district coordination officer (DCO)
(The deadliest weather-related disaster of 2010 is continuing to unfold in Pakistan since July 29, 2010, where heavy monsoon rains have triggered flooding that has left over 1,500 people dead. The death toll may reach in the thousands as flooding has spread throughout the country and countless are missing due to flash floods and landslides. On top of this, more monsoon rains and flooding are on the way according to Pakistan meteorological department which may continue till end of August.
Millions of homes in thousands of villages and towns have been destroyed. According to reports, over 20 Million people have been affected by this disaster - more than the 2004 Indonesia Tsunami, 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, and 2010 Haiti Earthquake combined and destruction is increasing each day.
Infrastructure such as dams, power stations, roads, bridges, schools, agriculture wells, and drinking water hand pumps have been severely damaged or destroyed).
Charsadda is 17 miles from Peshawar located in the west of the NWFP and is bound by Malakand District on the north. Mardan district on the east, Nowshera and Peshawar districts on the south and the Mohmand Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal. Areas on the west. This district has one of the most fertile lands in NWFP. The total area of the district is about 996 square kilometers (243753 acres). Total cultivated area is
210 255 acres (61 %), irrigated area is
180 339 acres, i.e. 86% of the total cultivated area. There are three rivers flowing in Charsadda: the River Jindi, the Kabul River, and the Swat River; these are the main source of irrigation for Charsadda .The three rivers then merge and join the Indus River. The area surrounded by River Swat and River Kabul is called Doaaba and has a great importance in the District. The district is administratively subdivided into two Tehsils which contained a total of 46 Union Council. The population of Charsadda according to the year 2000 is 1.7 millions. Charsadda having the density 1081 person /Sq.Km. Its Literacy rate is 43.09%. Employment position according to the year 2000 are 165574 are Employed and 49531 are Unemployed. All major infrastructures are available for communication in which 352 km as High Type Road in district Charsadda .But the Railway facility is still operating. Water and Electricity facilities are available. The main languages are Urdu and Pashto. English language is also well understood. The main market are Charsadda Bazaar, Othmazo Bazaar, Tangi Bazaar, Ghafoor Market, Dhere Shabqadder Bazaar among these Omerzo Bazaar are very famous.
We  Urantia Book readers Mahvish and I surveyed Charsadda and Nowshera in October 2010 and came to know the needs and necessities of effected people. As these areas were close to Rawalpindi and so we decided to deliver the Relief Goods here first. Then I prepared a schedule to purchase the necessary items from the local markets. We tried our level best to get the best rates from the market. In the third week of October, we started purchasing the stuff. We prepared the packets of grains and rice measuring one kg each at home.
We prepared Food Packs to 100 families, each Food Pack consisting of Rice (1-Kg), Lentils (1-Kg), Tea Pack (1-Kg), Dry Milk Powder (1-Kg), Cooking Oil Pack (1-Kg), Washing Detergent, Bath Soap, Few Candles & Match Boxes. Flour Bags for 100 families, 50 Quilts (Pullovers called Rzai in local language) and 50 Cotton Mattresses, Medicine Packs for 65 families, Gift Packs for 100 Kids each gift was containing Pencils, Sharpeners, Razors, candies, sweets, biscuits etc. 100 Sweaters and Jackets were distributed among men, women and children. We distributed Mineral Water, bought 10 crates and each crate consisted of 12 bottles and each bottle was of 1 liter.  
On October 31, 2010, we arranged Shehzor Truck to load the Relief Goods in the truck and one other vehicle was also arranged for the Urantia Book readers. We left our home at 12:00PM in the noon and our way to Charsadda. We were stopped by the Rescue Teams like 3-4 times at different check posts and thoroughly checked our truck loaded and unloaded due to danger of smuggling and terrorism.  At 5:00PM in the evening, we finally reached our destination. We were told to first go to Charsadda Police Station to report our coming to Charsadda.  Police Force sent their 04 Policemen as escorts with us. We reached at village Hasara which is a small village of Charsadda and where no Relief Goods or Relief Teams reached up till now.
The people of the village welcomed us. There was a huge crowd of people running toward us. There were like more than 100 people who were looking for the assistance. We requested them to form queues and there is not enough for everyone for what we brought for all of them and promised that we will bring more assistance in future for more of them. Women, men and children stood in the queues but while we started the distribution people broke them. The people from the Camps even came running up to the truck, pushing each other to grab bags and the situation became a bit chaotic. They did this because they all were needy persons. In this situation the police helped us and we stopped distribution and moved the truck from there. Then we stopped the truck a little bit away from that place and again requested the people to form queues otherwise nobody will get anything and we do understand their situation and hard time on them and wanted to help them. There was a guy named Sabaz Ali who helped us and explained his people to cooperate with us. Then the people cooperated with us and we started distributing all the Relief Goods to them. We happily and successfully finished the distribution at 9 PM.
After finishing the distribution, we were invited by one affected family to have a cup of tea with them. The affected people told us that the climate is being changed and that they need warm clothes, more food, tents and more blankets etc. As Dangi Virus is spreading quickly they need medication especially for the children, their houses are destroyed and they are shelter-less. They need at least the tents for accommodation and also need financial help to re-construct their houses.
Anyhow, the necessities of affected people are still prevalent and they need more & more support and assistance.

We are very thankful and grateful to all the Urantia Community who are supporting our brothers and sisters in need. I am so thankful to the work and generosity of the donors. God Bless You All!

Your Urantian Sister,

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