r4i gold card

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r4i gold card

Unread post by nerchiltene » Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:25 am

Is using an R4i good for you nintendo DSi? What brand microsd to use for r4 or r4i?
An R4i is a carte de visite where you can download DS roms from the internet and invest f increase it onto the R4i and dramatize games without buying them. (This is to people who don't discern what it is)
Pass on it damage your dsi in anyway http://www.r4i-ds.de/r4-ds-karte-fur-nintendo-ds.html

I understand it's criminal but oh well!
Where can I buy an R4I christmas card an eye to nintendo dsi in Canada online? 3ds card

Far I went to many sites to sort out if I could procure an R4I take action for my nintendo dsi in compensation profuse games so I wouldn't have to spend loads on pelf on games and I went to many sites to procure it but it was all in US,pounds,euros currency and so on and no Canadian currency and was wondering if anybody knows a chaste legit site where I can go for possibly man of these in Canadian currency? When using the r4i thinks fitting any mark of micro sd condolence card work? I most include Sandisk or Kinston, I wanna make sure I can avail oneself of other brand 2GB micro sd liable act, b/c I create some cheaper, thankx. I wanna recognize if any stigmatize drive work with r4 and r4i.

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