How to Configure a D-Link DAP-1150 Router to Extend the Rang

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How to Configure a D-Link DAP-1150 Router to Extend the Rang

Unread post by Lagduassy » Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:24 pm

The D-Link DAP-1150 router includes a feature that allows you to extend your wireless network beyond the number of one's current wireless access point (AP) or router. Configuring the Repeater Mode feature essentially relays the wireless signal beyond the limits of the AP, a lot more than doubling the number of one's wireless network. This really is acutely handy when the environmental surroundings of one's wireless network includes a lot of obstructions, such as for example concrete walls. Your computer should be configured to acquire a dynamic Ip (DHCP) to make use of the Repeater Mode feature.

Connect the DAP-1150 to your computer utilizing an Ethernet CAT5 or CAT6 cable, which are standard network cables. Type "dlinkap" (without quotes) in to your browser's address bar -- where in fact the " is generally located -- and press "Enter. " The PC should now link to the administration login page for the DAP-1150. Type "admin" (without quotes) for the username and leave the password blank. Press "Enter. " Click "Launch Wireless Setup" to configure the router for Repeater mode. Enter the name (SSID) of the AP for the network and click "Next. " Enter a brand new administrator password and click Next. Now choose the "Manual" radio button and click "Next. " Click "Site Survey. " Click to pick your network from the list and click "Connect. " 0Click to pick your security mode and click "Next. " 1Type in your network pass phrase (assuming you're using WPA or WPA2) and click "Next. " If your wireless network isn't secured or is secured with WEP, your network is susceptible to eavesdropping and uninvited connections and utilization of your online bandwidth. 2Click "Finish, " and the DAP-1150 should reboot and connect with the network AP.


From: How to Configure a D-Link DAP-1150 Router to Extend the Range of Your Wireless Network

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