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The Challenge, The Message, The Way


What has unified us in our discussions during this course is our awareness that the dawn of a new and enlightened spiritual era on URANTIA is here, and we have enlisted as pilgrims of its progress.

Evolution and revelation are partners in this progress, but the question is: Why did Urantia receive such an advanced and extraordinary revelation? One that is "out of step" in its upstepping?

I believe that modern Agondonter man has been given a UNIQUE CHALLENGE, and it is much more than what you might the UB teachings in our lives and disseminating the book.

As we have discussed in this course, the established plan is always Social Brotherhood first, and then comes the spiritualization of humanity. But in our case on Urantia, it is the SPIRITUALIZATION of humanity that will lead us to the required evolutionary goal of universal Social Brotherhood.

That is the purpose of our task.

The CHALLENGE, from on high, is that this tremendous task has been given to AGONDONTERS.

Do you realize how unique this is?

Can we, the early receivers of the Urantia Revelation, collectively in the next century and progressively during the next millennium, harness our potential and PATIENTLY and SUCCESSFULLY broadcast the new teachings for the advancement of the spiritual and cultural enlightenment of all mankind?

We are told that it is not the first mile of of duty or compulsion that will transform man and his world, but rather the SECOND MILE of free service and liberty-loving devotion that betokens the Jesusonian way of grasping his brother in love and guiding him toward the higher and divine goal of mortal existence.

As we go forward on that SECOND MILE, let us take up the challenge and demonstrate to an onlooking universe that ascendent sons --- inspired AGONDONTER MAN--- can and will lead a twice darkened planet to the goal of this age: Peace on earth and good will towards men."

This will be the victory over IMPATIENCE, the REALIZATION of the living gospel, and the TRIUMPH of the HUMAN POTENTIAL of evolutionary man.


Teachers of the expanded spiritual truth are called to carry forward Jesus' message of DIVINE SONSHIP, SPIRITUAL LIBERTY and ETERNAL LIFE

The Way

Know the Message: the Spiritual Brotherhood of Jesus

Know the Goal: Planetary Social Brotherhood, inspired by and with the spiritual fragrance of the fruits of the spirit.

Armed with the MESSAGE and nourished by the fruits of the spirit for the WAY ahead, let us take up the CHALLENGE and go forward as AGONDONTER "soldiers of the circles" toward the goal of a spiritually inspired, socially transformed human society where man loves his brother and calls a loving God his FATHER.

in friendship,



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