Where is the Urantia Community?? Re-Post from UrantiaNow.com


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Where is the Urantia Community?? Re-Post from UrantiaNow.com

Unread post by admin » Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:30 am

Where is the Urantia Community?? Re-Post from UrantiaNow.com

Lately I’ve been thinking about where our community exists. We don’t have a single church or a center to call home base, nor do we have a network of readers homes that we can visit wherever we might be in town.
This got me thinking about a few issues that I would like to tackle.

being the fact that we do not have a church to gather in or visit. I know that the UB does not call for us forming a church to praise and pray but it sure would be amazing to have a center or meeting place besides our living rooms that we could invite others to and have sermons by fellow readers, as well as a home base for the communities Urantia book readers and guests that we might invite. Though I very much respect the one on one interaction of an at home study group there is a definite missing. For me it is other ways to express my passion for what I learn when studying the UB. Look at the success of the large churches. They have a watered down version of Jesus’ truth and with a little light show and some music they rock the house and attract millions of followers!

Second is a network of readers who are willing to host fellow traveling readers. How much more enticing would it be to a young evangelist if he knew he had a home to stay in for a night or two in most cities? A network of loving families to support him/her while traveling for the gospel of the good news. Outreach is going to take a million and one shapes but the support for the disciples must be solid. This website will be announcing a program that you can participate in to help this much needed network start to take shape. Stay toned for more and IC’11!

There is another issue I would like to bring light to. Last week I was talking with a long time Urantia Book reader about the culture and attitude of the movement. We discussed how when many of the now older readers found the book they where immediately driven to serve. Many traveled to Chicago in search of a loving dynamic community to join and serve in. But what they found was a group of kind but inactive UB readers who looked down on these inspired souls and their desire to share this books greatness with the world. Most where told that the revelation needed to be spread through slow “one on one” introductions. This attitude still persists even now! And look where the Urantia Book sits on the world stage. It doesn’t.

Meredith Sprunger saw this happening in his community and tried to intervene. And I quote:
“ Many people who long to serve and help spread the good news of the fifth epochal revelation are confused by conflicting advice given by leaders in the URANTIA movement. Some are even afraid of violating some “hidden” or “implied” directive of the revelators of The URANTIA Book. It is time that these ambiguities be laid to rest.” follow the link for more.
Jesus tells us on p. 1729.6
“The religion of the spirit means effort, struggle, conflict, faith, determination, love, loyalty, and progress. The religion of the mind–the theology of authority–requires little or none of these exertions from its formal believers. Tradition is a safe refuge and an easy path for those fearful and halfhearted souls who instinctively shun the spirit struggles and mental uncertainties associated with those faith voyages of daring adventure out upon the high seas of unexplored truth in search for the farther shores of spiritual realities as they may be discovered by the progressive human mind and experienced by the evolving human soul.”
THIS WAS IN 1983 for crying out loud! But let me be clear the time is here my friends. The beauty and truth in the UB can not be held down anymore by those who are afraid in their own hearts to live its teachings. This generation will hold itself and those who negate the outreach movement accountable.

It says in the UB loud and clear.
195:10.5 ” In winning souls for the Master, it is not the first mile of compulsion, duty, or convention that will transform man and his world, but rather the second mile of free service and liberty-loving devotion that betokens the Jesusonian reaching forth to grasp his brother in love and sweep him on under spiritual guidance toward the higher and divine goal of mortal existence.”
Is slow growth going the second mile? I would say its surly is not. The second mile is living a dynamic spiritual life. Being upfront and proud of your relationship with God and all that it brings to your experience of existence.

This is not about making anyone or any group of people wrong let us make that clear. This conversation is about actually LIVING THE TEACHINGS OF THE URANITA BOOK! We must forgive ourselves for falling into the patterns that are natural to the nature of being human.

To let religion take over your life is to exercise faith on a level we rarely see in our culture. And when we do see such a dynamic individual we have no idea how that person achieved it. So what our goal is as young readers is to form a community of purpose driven evangelist who are always in training on ways to live the teachings of the Urantia Book. “The religion of the mind–the theology of authority–requires little or none of these exertions from its formal believers.” and not only that its not very inspiring.
ImageThis generation is dedicated to bring a world full of lost and hungry souls to the gates of heaven.

Thank you for listening. With love and respect.

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Re: Where is the Urantia Community?? Re-Post from UrantiaNow

Unread post by Joseph Earle » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:44 pm

I found the urantia about 8 months ago. I recall having someone tell me we are being quiet, moving slowly, because people are no ready. I take pleasure in reading this because i agree it is time to let people become aware of the truth. A urantia church(online?) would be awesome

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