Sermon On The Mount - Words of Christ by Pato Banton

Pato Banton Words of Christ I II & III A wonderful way to hear the Masters voice and learn of his teachings.
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Sermon On The Mount - Words of Christ by Pato Banton

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Sermon On The Mount - Words of Christ by Pato Banton

Published on Nov 29, 2012
Sermon On The Mount - Words of Christ by Pato Banton

1. Preliminary Instruction
2. The Ordination (below)
3. The Ordination Sermon aka The Sermon On The Mount

140:2.1 Jesus now instructed the twelve mortals who had just listened to his declaration concerning the kingdom to kneel in a circle about him. Then the Master placed his hands upon the head of each apostle, beginning with Judas Iscariot and ending with Andrew. When he had blessed them, he extended his hands and prayed:

140:2.2 "My Father, I now bring to you these men, my messengers. From among our children on earth I have chosen these twelve to go forth to represent me as I came forth to represent you. Love them and be with them as you have loved and been with me. And now, my Father, give these men wisdom as I place all the affairs of the coming kingdom in their hands. And I would, if it is your will, tarry on earth a time to help them in their labors for the kingdom. And again, my Father, I thank you for these men, and I commit them to your keeping while I go on to finish the work you have given me to do."

140:2.3 When Jesus had finished praying, the apostles remained each man bowed in his place. And it was many minutes before even Peter dared lift up his eyes to look upon the Master. One by one they embraced Jesus, but no man said aught. A great silence pervaded the place while a host of celestial beings looked down upon this solemn and sacred scene — the Creator of a universe placing the affairs of the divine brotherhood of man under the direction of human minds.

Narrated by Pato Banton and accompanied by the beautiful music of Clyde JJ Forde, this uplifting message will inspire every Sincere Follower of Christ.

Music produced, arranged & mixed by: Pato Banton
Studio engineer: Michael D'Mattia
Video produced & edited by: Pato Banton

One Love Always - Pato & Antoinette
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