Islamic phase of the 'Rest of the World' Outreach Mission

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Islamic phase of the 'Rest of the World' Outreach Mission

Unread post by Paul Kemp » Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:55 pm

Islamic phase of the
'Rest of the World'
Outreach Mission has begun in 4 nations

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Date: 25/Jan/2012
This letter has been circulated throughout the Urantia Book readership.
Dear all,

The 5 year 'Islamic Outreach' phase of the 20 year 'Rest of the World' Outreach Mission, to peacefully greet and share The Urantia Book with all the world's people who have not yet discovered it, commenced among the Islamic community of Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. on the 3rd of January 2012.

A few days later, a similar respectful online greeting and outreach was made to Islamic centres in Toronto Canada, Sydney Australia, and London England.

Fraternal greetings will be offered to other legitimate centres of Islamic learning in turn, starting from these four cities, and then radiating out from them until the olive branch of peaceful dialogue has been offered to the Muslim centres of the entire English speaking world.

There seem to be a number of self-proclaimed leaders, teachers and progressives of the Urantia community in these four population centres. By initiating peaceful dialogue with Muslims from these cities outwards, my hope is that the maximum amount of respectful dialogue will be encouraged between the leaders and teachers of both Urantian and Islamic groups.

When the world's English speaking Muslims have been so greeted, I intend to begin reaching out to the peoples of the 'Arab Spring' nations, and always as the lone and independent believer and worshiper of God that I am. Unaffiliated to any group or organization, I will not presume to speak for anyone but myself, and will not mention any specific website or divulge anyone's name but my own. All correspondence will be via email and will be kept to verify the benign nature of my outreach.

It is the duty of all Urantia organizations to peacefully disseminate The Urantia Book across all the world's nations, races and religions. It is also the duty of all Urantia Book believers to ensure a non-repeat of the 4th epochal tragedy of the power hungry 'one percenters' turning an epochal revelation's world uplifting mission into their own selfish means of attaining and retaining power and control.

After all, if the world saving mission of the Son of God himself was thwarted by such a creeping takeover by the power hungry, then what possible chance would the inanimate Urantia Book have of faring any better?
My twenty year 'Rest of the World' Outreach as such has now commenced in earnest. This service project will attempt to benignly introduce The Urantia Book to all people whilst simultaneously enabling the true leaders, teachers and progressives to distinguish themselves in service from any false and power-obsessed types in their midst.

The 19th century was the British century and the 20th was the American century. Both the 'Arab Spring' and the worldwide influence of social media seem to suggest that the 21st century will be the people's century: the century of the 'ninety-nine percenters.'

Periodic updates of the 20 year 'Rest of the World' Outreach will only be sent to the 'Urantia Central' website ( so as to ensure that such updates can be read in their original, unedited form.
In search of the Father's will,
Mark Philip Bloomfield.

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