The revealed theology of The Urantia Book

The time is ripe to witness the figurative resurrection of the human Jesus from his burial tomb amidst the theological traditions and the religious dogmas of nineteen centuries. Jesus of Nazareth must not be longer sacrificed to even the splendid concept of the glorified Christ. What a transcendent service if, through this revelation, the Son of Man should be recovered from the tomb of traditional theology and be presented as the living Jesus to the church that bears his name, and to all other religions! Surely the Christian fellowship of believers will not hesitate to make such adjustments of faith and of practices of living as will enable it to "follow after" the Master in the demonstration of his real life of religious devotion to the doing of his Father's will and of consecration to the unselfish service of man.
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The revealed theology of The Urantia Book

Unread post by Abegunde Julius Taiwo » Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:32 am

The revealed theology of The Urantia Book
Abegunde Julius Taiwo Spiritual Spectrum
November 16, 2012
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Dear Spiritual Spectrum,

To the best of my Knowledge as a kindergarten student of Urantia book and my fellow study group, this is our understanding so far about..........
The meaning of Urantia Book! God's Purpose and Plan: Any Thoughts?

The revealed theology of The Urantia Book, for me, has not been of just practical utilization - it has elucidated the intellectual content of my faith. It has helped to unveil the essential truths about God that have been inaccessible to my resources of reason alone. It has provided a source of revelation on the ultimate values by which I live and on the divine truths on which I establish my faith.

Our world is in dire need of a spiritual infusion. We are struggling to counterbalance our runaway advances in mechanized technology with evolutionary advances in ethics, morality, and spiritual goodness, but these efforts are sadly lagging behind. There are practices still prevalent in the world that are not only repellent to a God-conscious mind, they are also directly counter to our loving Father's purpose and plan for this world. I believe the "cancer" of world terrorism, especially when it is rationalized as being the will of God, is a particular abomination that mankind must eliminate. We, as a God-conscious and civilized people, must firmly establish that our Father in heaven loves each and every one of his earthly children. This divine love clearly dictates that the loving will of our Paradise Father is violated when the innocents of his worldly flock are slaughtered. This truth is a cornerstone of his loving nature, and it must become an unquestioned cornerstone of our cosmic mindset in order for us to take the next evolutional step towards light and life.

The Urantia Book carries within it inspired conceptual seeds that will inspire our world and help us achieve our spiritual destiny. This is, I believe, the real revelatory objective of this book. The Urantia Book contains within its covers a massive wealth of inspired thinking and expression. The world yearns for universal concepts and elevated frameworks of reality perception that will propel it away from a state of animalistic barbarism and towards a more unified and spiritually productive reality perspective. The Urantia Book provides a massive supply of potent kernels of stimulating thought, and these are all contained within an expository structure of literary context that makes it very relevant for our world and our times. Jesus changed the world mindset of his day with the transforming influence of his living gospel, and this transforming influence is still fully operative in our world today. The Urantia Book is beginning to infuse its influence into our world's spiritually evolving infrastructure.

The Urantia Book is a revelation for our time. I believe that God has entrusted us, the lowest of his personality endowed creatures, with the gift of participating in and contributing to the unfolding of his divine purpose and plan for this world. The Urantia Book is part of this continual unfolding. It is a further revelation of his invested trust in us. The message of this epochal world revelation pours forth from the purified waters of the celestial springs of divine wisdom, and I believe that any and all contact with its excellent savor can only sweeten everything it touches.
Please do what you can to uplift this teaching to the yet unreached in every part of the world because the UB says....

Image“In accordance with the mandates of the Father's purpose providing for the progressive ascension and perfection attainment of evolutionary mortals," we are the beneficiaries of his "superb survival plan of bringing God down to man and then, by a sublime sort of partnership, carrying man up to God and on to eternity of service and divinity of attainment." UB 77:9:12
ImageUB (867:3) “There is a great and glorious purpose in the march of the universes through space. All of your mortal struggling is not in vain. We are all part of an immense plan, a gigantic enterprise, and it is the vastness of the undertaking that renders it impossible to see very much of it at any one time and during any one life. We are all a part of an eternal project which the Gods are supervising and outworking. The whole marvelous and universal mechanism moves on majestically through space to the music of the meter of the infinite thought and the eternal purpose of the First Great Source and Center. [UB 32:5:1 (364:3)]
We are seriously in need of your support!

We Always count on your support!
Many Blessings![/size]

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